Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile ‘Magazines’ For Rapid Underground Launches

More evidence has emerged from Iran that its ballistic missile capabilities as well as concealment methods have grown immensely in the past years. In a new report The Drive details that ‘ready-fire’ ballistic missiles have been filmed in an underground bunker that are capable of being moved from various underground locations into succession fire position quickly via large sophisticated missile launch “magazines”. The report describes:

Video and photos have emerged showing for the first time an underground Iranian ballistic missile facility in which groups of missiles ready to fire are moved around massive tunnels using an automated railway-type system. The vertically-stowed missile “magazine” appears to bring groups of missiles into position for rapid, consecutive launching from the cavernous subterranean bunker.

Screenshot from the semi-official “Iran’s Military Achievements Media”

State-linked media touted that “Wagons carrying ballistic and long-range missiles can create continuous shooting conditions in this platform.”

It described further “the quantity and continuity of the missile fire will increase impressively in a safe atmosphere” protected from above-ground attack.

The ready-to-launch ballistic missiles are placed on a railway-type system which acts as a rapid rotating magazine, seen starting at the 1:20 mark below:

Iran had earlier this year showcased the successful firing of ballistic missiles fully hidden in camouflage deep under the ground, dubbed in Western media reports as “missile cities”.

It’s believed that the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) established the network of underground silos and weapons transport passageways, which stretch for miles, to repel any sudden air assault by Israel, the United States or allies.

The Drive report explained of the newly revealed bunker launch magazines:

The thinking behind the system seems to be to allow launches of ballistic missiles in quick succession. Since the missiles on their individual platforms are ready to fire, there is no need to reload individual launchers using a crane or trans-loader. The magazine method would potentially allow many more missiles to be fired from a single bunker while increasing the chances of the outbound missile strike overwhelming anti-ballistic missile defenses.

This along with Iran’s recently unveiled long range anti-air missile defense system called the Bavar-373, which is said to rival Russia’s S-300 system, would make any external attack a potentially very difficult one, even with the superior aerial and radar evading technology possessed by the US and Israel.