“I Stand With Steve” – Steve Bannon’s Daughter Maureen Bannon Is With Him Now More Than Ever

Steve Bannon’s daughter Maureen Bannon stands with her father, now more than ever. 

When Steve Bannon was indicted by the corrupt and political Biden DOJ for refusing to comply with a subpoena, his daughter released her #IStandWithSteve hashtag.

Bannon was indicted on Contempt of Congress charges that Democrats like Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder were never indicted for.

Holder and Lois Lerner defied congressional subpoenas.

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Former director of national intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress numerous times without repercussions.

Steve Bannon was indicted for not complying with an illegitimate investigation that wasn’t adhering to its own mandates.  This was a political indictment against Steve Bannon.

Maureen Bannon reached out to The Gateway Pundit to tell us she still stands with her father, Steve Bannon.

Now more than ever.

Going Viral: Steve Bannon’s Daughter Launches #IStandWithSteve Viral Hashtag After He Is Indicted by Half-Baked Democrat Attorney General