HUGE: Arizona Audit Begins to FINISH Hand Recount – 67%, 1.4 MILLION COMPLETED

The Arizona Audit has now counted 67% of the ballots! Two-thirds of the ballots have been counted and analyzed!


On Thursday night, the audit team started packing up the yellow tables. This is because they are now replacing these counting tables with forensic scanning tables, as they are soon coming to the end of the hand recount.

This is the first full forensic audit in history. The Maricopa Arizona Audit tweeted on Thursday:

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As more forensics tables are added, already counted ballots will be scanned and processed at an even faster rate.

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit reported that the ballot count had surpassed 1.3 million ballots counted. Just one day later, that number has increased by 100,000. The pace is rapidly increasing but accuracy is still the top priority.

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