How Conservatives Can Fight Back” On Winning Back Freedom In The USA

Talk about good timing! — Out this week is week is “Winning the Social Media War” by Alex Bruesewitz.

Author Alex Bruesewitz’s new book, “Winning the Social Media War,” outlines the increasing importance of social media on culture and politics. Bruesewitz uses interviews with key individuals, research and case studies to explain why conservatives so often lose to the left and offers tangible ways for conservative to turn the tide and win the social media war.

Alex Bruesewitz is the CEO of X Strategies LLC. X Strategies LLC is a political consulting firm that helps promote and elect America First Leaders. In March of 2022, X Strategies LLC was ranked the 25th fastest growing company in the entire Southeastern United States by INC Magazine.

The excerpt below includes comments from The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, interviewed by Bruesewitz for the book.

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The Gateway Pundit is one of the most targeted and censored news outlets in America today.  Despite this our traffic and readership continue to grow year after year.

In 2021, Jim Hoft told Bruesewitz, “There were some huge websites in 2016 that are no longer here because Facebook shut them down, they shut down traffic to their websites.… [Many pages] were getting an immense amount of traffic.… They changed the algorithm, stopped traffic going to these websites, and they put a lot of them out of business. So, it’s really tragic.… And what’s interesting, too, is we’re seeing these different tactics: how [the tech giants] collude together, how they make sure you don’t have like email service or cloud service or any of these things if you’re a threat to them… Some of our stories, reporting Trump’s message for example was having a more difficult time going through to suburban mothers, they eliminated it off of Facebook…. They weren’t getting those articles anymore because Facebook eliminated it. So Facebook has been electioneering for several years now. It was very effective in 2018. It was certainly effective in 2020.”

We now know that censorship was and is intentional.  The totalitarian left must silence opposing voices or face annihilation at the ballot box.  It is all about power to these people.  Every human in their path is collateral damage in their evil quest for power.

Alex Bruesewitz could not have released his new book at a better time.  As Elon Musk takes over Twitter we see the fascists wail at the loss of their online power.   Americans must stand up to these filthy power-hungry Marxists destroying the country.

‘Winning the Social Med… by Jim Hoft