How Bad Are Public Schools Today?

They are saturated with “progressive” activists who are using school to indoctrinate students into their CRT/BLM beliefs. Anyone who opposes them will be subjected to harassment. If you doubt that, read this Legal Insurrection article by Ramona Bessinger, a teacher in Rhode Island.

Here’s a key paragraph: “Everything in school now is about race. During orientation, teacher professional development included a”privilege walk,” in which teachers were requested to talk about our personal bias, to share our personal trauma, and to connect with children on their personal trauma. Much of the bias focus was on race. I declined to participate in the voluntary privilege walk, but observed it. We also were told to be surrogate parents to our students, given lesson plans on Malcolm X, and that discussions around justifiable violence towards white people should be taught to children of color.”

Public schools were bad enough before, when the silly educational fads made them about, as Heather Mac Donald has written, “anything but knowledge.” Now they are worse. They still don’t teach knowledge, but insist on teaching hate-filled propaganda. What good will the students be to anyone with their heads filled with divisive ideas?

Read the whole article.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.