Hong Kong Police Crack Down on Dissent, Raid Pro-Democracy Newspaper ‘Apple Daily’, Arrest Five Executives

Hong Kong has changed.  Democracy is no longer permitted as well as freedom of speech.

Pro-Democracy Newspaper ‘Apple Daily’ was raided by Hong Kong police and five of its top executives were arrested.  The raid and arrests are related to the recently imposed Beijing law that does not allow the printing or sharing of ideas that are not complementary to the China Communist Party (CCP).

NBC reported:

Hong Kong police raided the offices of a prominent pro-democracy newspaper on Thursday, arresting senior editors and executives while freezing financial accounts in the latest crackdown under a sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing.

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Five people were arrested for “suspected contravention” of the law, Hong Kong Police’s National Security Department said in a statement after the raid on Apple Daily’s newsroom.

It did not name the individuals but said the 4 men and 1 woman were all company directors aged between 47 and 63, and currently being detained for investigation. It added that searches were also carried out at their residences.

Israel National News provided this video: