Hispanics Swing Sharply Away from Democrats, Warns Ruy Teixeira

Trump supporters hold signs on the third day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 20, 2016. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Bit of a needle-scratch sound to this, considering it comes from Ruy Teixeira (in his Substack newsletter The Liberal Patriot):

Democrats like to believe that, since a relatively conservative white population is in sharp decline while a presumably liberal nonwhite population keeps growing, the course of social and demographic change should deliver an ever-growing Democratic coalition.

Democrats think that, because Ruy Teixeira has been telling them that Latino-driven demographic changes point to endless victory (known in some precincts of the right as “replacement theory”) for many years.

I don’t really blame Teixeira for changing his mind; when he wrote The Emerging Democratic Majority with John Judis in 2004 the Democratic Party was not yet a cult of lunatics dedicated to explaining that men can give birth, gigantic new federal spending programs reduce inflation, the comptroller of the currency should be someone who believes in “ending banking as we know it,” energy production should be re-outsourced to Saudi Arabia and Latinos should be referred to as “Latinx.”

Teixeira is extremely alarmed that the Democrats’ various 1918-style attacks on our history and culture, and their government-first notions of how success is achieved, are pushing millions of Latino voters to the right. Teixeira points out that Latinos give Joe Biden a 25 percent approval score on the economy and only 42 percent overall (!), are evenly split between supporting Democrats and Republicans in the midterms (!!) and that Democrat Terry McAuliffe actually lost the Latino vote in Virginia (!!!). He warns, “Democrats have seriously erred by lumping Hispanics in with ‘people of color’ and assuming they embraced the activism around racial issues that dominated so much of the political scene in 2020, particularly in the summer.” Hispanics oppose reparations payments to descendants of slaves by more than two to one, which makes perfect sense when you consider the Hispanic story is loving America and bootstrap success in a single generation or maybe two.

Here’s hoping the Democrats ignore their former demographics guru.