Gwen Berry Is a Racist who Insults All of Those Americans Who Went to War to Free the Slaves

In 1865 my great, great grandfather Christian Hoft was discharged from the Union Army following the Civil War to free the slaves.

Christian Hoft was an Iowan farmer from Germany who fought in over a dozen battles as a Yankee soldier.

Today evil leftists want to erase this part of American history.
My family was not rich, did not own slaves, and was not associated with anyone who owned slaves. Yet, my great, great grandfather fought in the Civil War because his government called on him and it was the right thing to do.

Today we have Democrats and far-left activists who want to re-write history.
They want to erase the courage of Abraham Lincoln and the greatness of the Emancipation Proclamation.
They want Americans to believe the country is irredeemable and racist to its core.

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On Saturday, outspoken activist Gwen Berry took third place at the Olympic Trials in women’s hammer throw.
She then stood on the podium and turned her back on the US flag during the National Anthem and put her T-shirt over her head.

Gwen Berry has a history of activism.

Seven days ago on Juneteenth Gwen Berry wrote this insulting and ignorant statement on her Instagram page.

Gwen Berry: DONT BE FOOLED!!! The Emancipation Proclamation DID NOT free us!! WE FREED OURSELVES!! [They] had no choice but to free us because we killed our slave masters and WON our own FREEDOM. This document wasn’t created out of good will. That’s one of the biggest lies in history that they don’t teach us!!!

We all want equality in our country.

But Gwen is a racist and an idiot.
Erasing the sacrifices of millions of Americans and rewriting history is neither noble, courageous, or smart.