Graphene-based Nanowires, Scaffolding, and Pathological Blood Clotting Leading to Injuries and Deaths. Dr. Robert O. Young

Global Research  /  Dr. Robert O. Young

Guest is Dr. Robert O. Young, a naturopath, nutritional expert, and author. His most popular works are the “pH Miracle” series of books, which outline his view about holistic healing and an “alkalarian” lifestyle.

This session is on graphene-based nanowires, scaffolding, and pathological blood clotting leading to injuries and death. Dr. Young talks about the receiving and transmitting of this nanotechnology once implanted into the animal or human and connected via the Wifi grid and skynet. He also talks about his research on pleomorphism and how it relates to the health problems and treatments of today. Also, he shares about “post-covid outfections diagnosed as ILD or interstitial fluid lung disease which is NOT idiopathic.”

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