Government Pre-K Means Government Indoctrination

President Joe Biden visits a pre-Kindergarten class at East End Elementary School to highlight the early childhood education proposal in his Build Back Better agenda in North Plainfield, N.J., October 25, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The brainwashing of three-years-olds is a high price for ‘free’ child care.

The breathtakingly expensive Democratic Party plan to use a rare budgetary trick known as “reconciliation” to sneak through a massive change in how children are raised in this country deserves more attention than the mere shrugs and acquiescence it is getting. Republicans in Congress, and whatever sane Democrats remain, should think carefully about what happens next if we finally get the much-touted “universal pre-K,” or to be a bit more descriptive, “federal management of childhood starting at age 3.”

Recall what Silicon Valley just did to us by supplying us with tantalizing, addictive products for no cost. We’ve just now realized that “no cost” turned out to be a very high price indeed. Google, noticing that you would leave the search engine to browse the Internet, came up with a browser, Chrome, so it could track how you browse. But what about following you when you’re not online? Welcome, Android, the OS for a phone that, as soon as you go online, uploads a complete picture of everywhere you’ve been that day.

Like Silicon Valley, the government naturally seeks as much power as it can possibly get away with. And power over minds is high up on its wish list. If indoctrination is what you seek, it is best to start as young as possible, which is why what Democrats used to tout as merely a universal pre-K program (for four-year-olds) is now a pre-K and pre-pre-K program that starts at age three.

As writer Jenna Stocker put it on Twitter, “If it’s free, you’re the product.” Turn over your little kids to Joe Biden, America! He won’t do anything creepy with them.

It’s become obvious this year that a huge proportion of the educational system sees it as its sacred duty not just to educate youth in agreed-upon basics but to proselytize. It seeks to impress on young minds a radical, far-left vision in service of forming the next generation of America-hating young activists. The misandrist streak in education, for instance, combined with the weaponization of the culture and Title IX to allow vengeance-minded women to punish men involved in consensual sexual encounters that the women later regret, has coincided with a massive loss of male interest in education. The situation is so dire, with females composing three-fifths of undergraduates, that aggressively feminist-minded institutions are now toying with, or actually implementing, affirmative action for males, the kind of proposal you would have heard about on a Comedy Central sketch show a generation ago, not because the system sympathizes with men and boys but because the girls and women for whom the system is set up need dates.

Meanwhile, critical race theory and the 1619 Project storm through the nation’ s public-education system in an-ever-more-persistent effort to conflate whiteness with guilt. Observing this, leading Democrats tell parents they should have no say in what their children are being taught. By an overwhelming margin, Democrats believe that school boards rather than parents should determine curricula. Since Democrats are the party of government, and are by disposition far more interested in seeking the offices that allow them to wield power over others, Democrats naturally come to believe that entities such as school boards are wholly owned subsidiaries of their party, and with excellent reason. Republicans just want to be left alone, not to dictate.

This is the system as it exists, and as it will largely continue to exist going forward. In Virginia, kindergartners this summer were taught to fear the police via a video until the media got wind of the situation and the school in question claimed it was just an innocent mistake. Funny how all of these mistakes seem to err in the same direction. In New York City, four-year-old public school students are being taught transgender ideology. The Belmont public schools in suburban Boston urge kids to read a book in which the Devil presents the main character with a “contract binding you to whiteness,” which in turn is supposed to “mess endlessly with the lives of your friends, neighbors, loved ones and all fellow humans of COLOR.”

Parents who wouldn’t fall for a Nigerian Internet scam (“Hello my friend!” I have US$150,000 for you!”) may be intrigued by the idea of being able to dump off the cost of minding their children on the government for two more years. But when someone you don’t know offers you free stuff, there are strings attached. There are always strings attached. The government isn’t about to give you free child care without extracting a price in return: It wants to control your child’s mind.

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