Google Searches For “Liquor Store Near Me” Hits All-Time High Amid Election Anxiety  

Election Day is over, and it’s now Wednesday morning. No clear winner has emerged yet in an extremely tight presidential race, forcing some Americans to panic search “liquor store near me.” 

On Tuesday night, Google Trends’ Twitter account published a chart showing a parabolic move of internet searches for liquor stores as Americans sought to alleviate their election anxiety in a race that could take days for official election results to materialize. 

Many of the searches were in Deleware, Maryland, Tennesse, Georgia, and Colorado. Other related searches included “liquor store open near me,” “liquor store open,” “liquor stores near me,” and “liquor stores” were all in breakout territory. 

As shown below, “liquor store near me” hit an all-time high Tuesday night. 

Around 8 pm ET Tuesday, “move to Canada” searches exploded. 

At 5 am ET Wednesday, NBC News projects Biden has picked up 224 electoral votes versus 213 for Trump. 

It won’t be surprising if day two of “liquor store near me” searches continue to remain elevated. Maybe even the whole week.