Golfer Jon Rahm Forced to Withdraw with 6-Stroke Lead at Memorial Tournament After Testing Positive For Covid Despite Being Asymptomatic (VIDEO)

Golfer Jon Rahm, 26, was forced to withdraw with a 6-stroke lead during Saturday’s third round of the Memorial Tournament after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Rahm is 26 years old and is 100% asymptomatic playing an outdoor sport, but he was forced out of the tournament and sent into a 10-day quarantine.

Jon Rahm was subject to contact-tracing protocols because he had come into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid, reported.

“Rahm was given the option to remain in the competition and enter our tracing protocol, which includes daily testing and restricted access to indoor facilities.”

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Rahm tested positive on Saturday so he’s out and cannot play on Sunday.

“So the CDC’s protocol regarding asymptomatic positives is that they can get — if they can get two negative PCR test results spaced a minimum of 24 hours apart, then they can come out of isolation early,” Andy Levinson, the Tour’s senior vice president of tournament administration said. “But they need to, those tests do need to be a minimum of 24 hours apart. And we have followed those guidelines since the beginning.”

Zero symptoms yet they forced a 26-year-old out of the game.

“Oh my God, not again,” Jon Rahm is heard saying upon hearing he tested positive for Covid.

Here’s video of the moment Jon Rahm was told by the PGA Tour’s medical director as he walked off the 18th green that he tested positive for Covid: