Get A Lifetime Microsoft Office License (Plus Expert-Led Training) At A Huge Discount

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Back for a limited time is an amazing offer to save some cash: Get a lifetime Microsoft Office license plus training was for only $79.99  (ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit).

As you know, Microsoft Office has been the go-to software for computer tasks. We use Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets — and sometimes Outlook and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office is free on a work computer — but costs a lot to get it on your home computer.

Plus, you usually need buy a new license each year.

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To buy Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and all the other parts of Microsoft Office plus the training to use them can reach a stunning $1,949.

Until now.

Now, a lifetime Microsoft Office license plus training is only $79.99 if you click here.

That’s right: Lifetime – never pay for it again!

Included in the package is hours of expert-led training.

The training provides you next-level knowledge and helps you:

  • Create your most engaging presentations on PowerPoint

  • Expertly manage your email in Outlook

  • Budget like a pro on Excel

  • Collaborate more effectively with colleagues on Teams

  • Organize on OneNote

  • Craft catchier newsletters on Publisher

  • Run higher-value databases on Access

  • Be more efficient at formatting in Word

People gave these courses average ratings as high as 4.7 out of 5 stars, so you know you’ll only be getting quality training from the best of the best.

Normally, a lifetime license to the PC version of Microsoft Office plus expert-level training would set you back $1,949 — for a limited time, you can get it all on sale for only $79.99.

— To get a Microsoft Office lifetime license for Windows plus training for $79.99, click here.

— To get a Microsoft Office lifetime license for Mac plus training for $79.99, click here.

There’s a limited amount of these special packages available.

Get this deal before it’s gone!