Full Year-Ahead Calendar: All The Key Events In 2021

Here is a calendar of all the top political, economic and financial events in the new 2021.


  • Friday, January 1: UK & EU — New UK-EU trading relationship set to begin.
  • Friday, January 1: ASEAN — Brunei Darussalam assumes the ASEAN Chairmanship for 2021.
  • Sunday, January 3: USA — New Congress begins.
  • January: Japan — Ordinary Diet session begins.
  • Tuesday, January 5: USA — Runoff elections for Georgia Senate seats. Both Senate elections went to runoff after no candidate received a majority on Election Day in November. If the Democratic candidates win both runoff elections, control of the Senate will switch to the Democratic party, and Vice President-elect Harris will vote to break ties.
  • Wednesday, January 6: USA — Congress counts Electoral College votes for President and Vice President.
  • January / February: United States — Cabinet nomination hearings and confirmation votes. The Senate will hold hearings and confirmation votes for President-elect Biden’s Cabinet and Executive Branch nominees.
  • Wednesday, January 20: USA — President-elect Biden takes office.
  • Thursday, January 21: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Wednesday, January 27: USA — FOMC meeting statement.


  • February 1-5: Singapore — MAS report on economic developments in Singapore.
  • Thursday, February 4: UK — BoE MPC meeting (and monetary policy report).
  • Sunday, February 7: Ecuador — General election. Ecuador will vote to elect a new president and fill all the seats in the National Assembly.
  • Sunday, February 14: Spain — Catalan regional elections.
  • Tuesday, February 16: Singapore — Fiscal year 2021 budget.


  • Early March: China — The National People’s Congress. The annual NPC is scheduled to start early March and is likely to last around 2 weeks. A key thing to watch will be Premier Li’s annual government report, which usually include official economic targets for the next year, such as GDP growth, CPI inflation, fiscal deficits and employment (these targets, if available, were set during closed-door policy meetings in the preceding December). The report will also set the broad tone of economic policy direction for the rest of the year. Main government officials will hold press conferences on the sidelines, giving further details on the 14th Five-Year Plan.
  • Wednesday, March 3: UK — Annual budget.
  • Thursday, March 11: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Wednesday, March 17: Netherlands — General election.
  • Wednesday, March 17: USA — FOMC meeting statement (and Summary of Economic Projections).
  • Thursday, March 18: UK — BoE MPC meeting.
  • Tuesday, March 23: Israel — Parliamentary elections.
  • March 25-26: EU — European Council meeting.


  • April: USA — Biden Administration likely to release FY2022 Budget proposal. The budget proposal is traditionally sent to Congress the first Monday in February, but at the start of a new administration this typically takes until April or so.
  • April 1 – May 31: ASEAN — 38th semi-annual summit.
  • Wednesday, April 7: South Korea — Municipal elections.
  • Sunday, April 11: Peru — General election. Peruvians will elect a President, two vice presidents, and new members of congress for all 130 congressional seats.
  • Thursday, April 22: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Monday, April 26: Chile — Election of Constitutional Convention. Chileans will elect all the members of the convention tasked with drafting a new constitution.
  • Wednesday, April 28: USA — FOMC meeting statement.


  • May: Singapore — World Economic Forum annual meeting.
  • May: Australia — Federal budget released.
  • Thursday, May 6: UK — Parliamentary elections, Scotland.
  • Thursday, May 6: UK — BoE MPC meeting (and monetary policy report).


  • Early June: Italy — Major cities may have mayoral elections (Milan, Roma, Naples, Turin, Bologna).
  • June: Japan — Ordinary Diet session ends.
  • June: France — Regional elections.
  • Sunday, June 6: Mexico — Congressional and gubernatorial election. Mexico will elect new representatives for the lower chamber of congress for all 500 seats. Elections will also be held for 15 state governor offices.
  • Thursday, June 10: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Wednesday, June 16: USA — FOMC meeting statement (and Summary of Economic Projections).
  • June 24-25: EU — European Council meeting.
  • Thursday, June 24: — UK: BoE MPC meeting.


  • Thursday, July 22: Japan — Term ends for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (election in summer).
  • Thursday, July 22: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Friday, July 23: Japan — Tokyo Olympic Games begin.
  • Wednesday, July 28: USA — FOMC meeting statement.


  • August: Australia — Earliest date for Federal Election. Election likely to be held sometime between August 2021 and May 2022. Current polling suggests the incumbent Liberal/National Party is likely to be returned to Government, although the opposition Australian Labour Party is yet to release their policy platform.
  • August: South Africa — Local elections.
  • Sunday, August 1: USA — Debt ceiling reinstated. The federal debt limit will be reinstated at its level on that day. If the limit is not already suspended or raised, Treasury will likely be able to draw down its cash balance for several weeks before running out.
  • Thursday, August 5: UK — BoE MPC meeting (and monetary policy report).
  • Saturday, August 21: Malaysia — Sarawak state election.


  • September: Japan — Term ends for LDP President.
  • September: Germany — Federal elections.
  • Thursday, September 9: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Monday, September 13: Norway — Parliamentary elections.
  • Sunday, September 19: Russia — Parliamentary elections.
  • Tuesday, September 21: Thailand — Fiscal year 2022 budget.
  • Wednesday, September 22: USA — FOMC meeting statement (and Summary of Economic Projections).
  • Thursday, September 23: UK — BoE MPC meeting.
  • Thursday, September 30: USA — Fiscal year 2021 ends. Deadline for Congress to pass appropriations for fiscal year 2022. Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act authorization also expires, which will likely serve as an informal deadline for Congress to pass an infrastructure program.


  • Saturday, October 9 — Czech Republic — Parliamentary elections.
  • October 14-15: EU — European Council meeting.
  • Thursday, October 21: Japan — Term ends for Lower House Members of Parliament.
  • Sunday, October 24: Argentina — Congressional and municipal election. Argentinians will vote to fill 127 out of 257 seats in the lower chamber of congress as well as 24 out of 72 seats in the Senate.
  • Thursday, October 28: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.


  • Tuesday, November 2: USA — Election Day. A few states will hold special elections to fill vacancies in the US House of Representatives, and several others will conduct gubernatorial and other state and local elections.
  • Wednesday, November 3: USA — FOMC meeting statement.
  • Thursday, November 4: UK — BoE MPC meeting (and monetary policy report).
  • Sunday, November 21: Chile — General election. Chile will elect a new President, 20 out of the 50 seats in the Senate, and the House of Representatives in its entirety.


  • Wednesday, December 15: USA — FOMC meeting statement (and Summary of Economic Projections).
  • December 16-17: EU — European Council meeting.
  • Thursday, December 16: EU — ECB Governing Council meeting.
  • Thursday, December 16: UK — BoE MPC meeting.

Source: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank

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