Friendly Media Wave to Joe Biden as He Rides Bike in Delaware State Park on a Workday (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is taking several days off to celebrate nurse Jill’s 70th birthday.

Biden arrived to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware Wednesday to spend a few days at home to celebrate nurse Jill’s 70th birthday.

Joe and Jill rode bikes in Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware on Thursday as bystanders cheered.

Of course this was all for show to make it look like Joe Biden is spry.

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Sycophantic reporters showed their support for Joe Biden taking a leisurely bike ride in the middle of the week.

Notice Biden’s helmet isn’t buckled (not that there’s anything to protect).


Imagine the media’s reaction if Trump took off on a Wednesday and spent several days putting around as gas prices surged, ransomware hackers attacked infrastructure and migrant kids were stuffed in Covid-infested cages.