Fox’s Steve Hilton Slams Bush and Biden in Monologue Comparing Them to Robber Barons

Steve Hilton

In Steve Hilton’s powerful opening monologue for his Fox News show ‘The Next Revolution,’ the host slammed former President George Bush and Joe Biden by comparing them to robber barons Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller.

Hilton explained that Carnegie and Rockefeller “lied, cheated, killed people and destroyed communities” all in the name of economic power — but hated having a bad image and wanted people to forget what they had done.

So, Carnegie built public libraries and Rockefeller set up foundations. “They found a way to con the establishment into moving on,” Hilton said.

“That’s what we’re seeing today with these two,” Hilton said, with a photo of Biden and Bush on the screen next to him. “Bush and Biden want you to forget about what they did. They’re desperate for praise and pats on the back from the establishment.”

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“But unlike the original robber barons, who at least did some good with their deflection tactics, from Bush and Biden it’s entirely negative. In the past few days, they have cynically come together to attack a common enemy — Republicans.”

Hilton continued, “disgracefully, Bush used the anniversary of 9/11 to imply that Republicans, the people who put him in the Oval Office, are like the 9/11 terrorists.”

Watch the full monologue here: