Florida Reporter Shamed Mercilessly On Twitter For Filming Stranded Kitten, Leaving It To Die

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WINK-TV meteorologist Dylan Federico has broken a cardinal rule of the internet by failing to even attempt to rescue a cat that was stranded on a bench as Hurricane Ian flooded the area.

The internet seemed to unify for the evening, as people from all across the political spectrum joined in shaming him.

In a now-deleted tweet, Federico posted a video of the drenched and stranded kitten with the caption, “Storm surge is rising rapidly outside WINK News. A kitten is on the bench trying to escape the water. The doors are locked but we’re trying to get the kitten inside.”

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After being swarmed with backlash, Federico tweeted, “Right after the video was posted we attempted to get to the cat but it swam in a different direction out of view. I waited to post an update in hopes we could grab it. Please take your companions with you when you evacuate.”

While he claimed he tried to get the kitten, a photo posted afterwards showed him in perfectly dry attire.

People also noted that coworkers of his were leaving through the parking garage, and he could have walked outside that way.

Louisiana meteorologist Ashley Ruiz said that a coworker of Federico told her that the cat was dead.

“One of my coworkers worked at WINK and she texted a friend there asking if the kitten got saved. Their reply was ” I don’t think so. ” and then “It didn’t survive.” 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Is this true?!?!” she tweeted at Federico.

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She also called B.S. on his claim that the cat jumped into the water and swam away.

“I imagine it was washed away. Hopefully it was able to find a higher spot. A kitten taking refuge from rising water wouldn’t jump into rising water 😔” Ruiz tweeted.