FIREWORKS: Radical Far-Left Media Voices From MSNBC, Vox and Media Matters Malign NY City Candidate Adams for Questioning Election

The big bad media roars like a lion whenever they are allowed to by their masters, but when the truth comes out, they shy away like little preschool girls.

Members of various media outlets attacked one of the candidates in the New York City election saying he was crazy when he claimed the election was rigged.  Now that he is right, they go silent.  This was pointed out by a man of real courage, Mr. Glen Greenwald:

TRENDING: Biden White House to Deploy “Delta Variant” Response Teams Across US to Communities with Low Vaccination Rates

Once with far-left circus clown act Media Matters, always a clown:

The radical left will eat their own once they destroy the weak Republican party, New York is a case study.