Final Hours:’s Labor Day Overstock Clearance Sale

Mike Lindell’s Labor Day weekend sale is in its final hours!

He is offering amazing clearance deals on overstock products at the store (Use TGP promo code to benefit Gateway Pundit — and get up to 75% off!).

First up are Mike’s couch pillows – with promo code TGP, they’re 50% off this weekend:

Click here to see all the colors and discounts!

Next are MyPillow’s incredibly soft bath robes:

The bath robes are on clearance, so get them before they’re gone!

Remember to use promo code TGP to get your discount.

If you’ve ever wanted to try sleeping with a weighted blanket, now’s your chance to get a great deal:

At 50% off, they won’t last long!

A lot of us already have Mike’s Giza Dream sheets.

Now you can get the Queen and King Giza Dreams Pillowcases to match — at 60% off:

They’re only $14.99 per set – click here to see if they’re still available!

Remember to use promo code TGP to get your discount!

For a great night’s sleep, get your women’s MySleepwear at 70% off!

For a two-piece set, it’s only $19.99!!

And finally, it’s the best deal at MyPillow: Roll and GoAnywhere MyPillows at 75% off!

Now, you can take MyPillows wherever you go!

Click here to see the full selection and discounts.

When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter TGP and click apply.

You’ll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and Gateway Pundit.

Hurry before these great deals are gone.

Thank you!

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