Female Customer Freaks After She Sees Biological Male Walking Around with His Penis Out Around Children in LA Women’s Day Spa – Spa Defends Naked Man! (VIDEO)

A female customer freaked out after she saw a biological male walking around a women’s day spa with his penis out – around children!

The female customer was irate after she saw a naked man in an area designated for women only and took her grievances to the front desk of Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

The employee working at the front desk defended the naked man and said he’s allowed to enter the women’s spa because of ‘sexual orientation.’

At one point a soy boy liberal ‘male’ walked up to the customer and tried to shame her for not accepting ‘transgenders.’

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The woman held her ground and blasted the liberal white knight loser.

It is unclear when the video was taken but it was making the rounds on social media on Saturday.

God bless this woman!