Far Left Mediaite Claims Mo Brooks Lies About The ‘Big Lie’ And 2,000 Mules Is A Loony Election Document

Practicing contempt before investigation, the far-left is either unable to admit the 2020 Election was stolen or they are getting paid to claim that the election wasn’t stolen.  Either way, the election was stolen and you cannot hide or contain the truth. 

Senate hopeful Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) needs to close a gap of more than 15 points if he’s to prevail in his runoff with Katie Britt on June 21. If a new Fox interview is any indication, it seems his strategy will be to aggressively court supporters of former President Donald Trump — whose endorsement he lost after delivering a mild rebuke of Jan. 6. And what better way to appeal to Trump and his voters — Brooks has evidently determined — than to completely embrace the false notion that the 2020 election was rigged.

In a wild interview with Sandra Smith on Fox News Sunday, the Alabama congressman went completely in the tank for Trump and the Big Lie.

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“He was robbed, in my judgment, in 2020,” Brooks said of Trump. “In his judgment, he was robbed.”

Brooks explained that his dispute with Trump was solely about the continued efforts to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election. But in principle, the Senate hopeful made clear he completely supported the incorrect notion that the contest was fixed against the former president.

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith called out the congressman with an on-the-spot fact check, before Brooks frantically intejercted.

“Just to go on the record, there has been still no evidence or proof provided that there was any sort of fraud in that election—” Smith said.

“That’s wrong,” Brooks said. “I don’t know why you people in the media keep saying that! But that is absolutely false! That is absolutely false. You keep saying it every time, but that’s absolutely false.”

The media cannot admit that the 2020 Election was stolen.  They must be paid to lie about it or they are just far-left nutters.   The media says that there is no evidence of the steal which is utterly dishonest.  With chain of custody absent in most swing states, drop box abuse as noted in 2000 Mules, blocking of Republicans from observing actions in the centers, etc.  There is ample evidence of the election steal.

What a mess.