Fake News Hack Stresses Out When 74,243 Ballot Discrepancy Announced at Audit Hearing

The Gateway Pundit reported on the HUGE findings presented at the Arizona Audit hearing on Thursday.

WOW! AZ Audit Finds 74,000 Ballots Returned and Counted in 2020 Election with NO RECORD of Being Sent Out!

At the hearing Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas said:

“Based on the data that we’re seeing, I highly recommend that you can’t miss it because it’s the one way to know for sure whether some of the data we’re seeing if there’s, if it’s real problems, or, or whether it’s clerical errors of some sort. So for example we have 74,243 mail-in ballots, where there is no clear record of them being sent.”

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The moment he realized this evidence of election fraud, leftist Garrett Archer just about lost it.

In the video below, Archer can be seen panicking and literally covering his face from the light.

This photo of him went viral and he is still thinking about it.


At least he acknowledged that he makes a good meme with his sad appearance. 

He tried to play it off saying the voter registration portion upset him. That is true, he was steaming the whole two hours, but this announcement showed that 74,000 received mail-in ballots were not mailed out. This wasn’t actually the voter registration portion.

Clean up your act dude. It’s embarrassing.