Fake News CNN Warns The Far Right Is Calling For Violence Following Leaked Roe V. Wade Decision… Is Chris Wray’s FBI Plotting Again?

Leftists are out protesting tonight outside the homes of conservative US Supreme Court Justices. This is unprecedented in American history.

Justice Kavanaugh’s alleged neighbor organized one of the pro-abortion protests today outside of his home.

So far not a single Democrat has condemned these protests. Not a single one.

And on top of all of the potential for violence CNN started its gaslighting again.

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CNN ran a segment this weekend warning of “far-right” following the leaked Roe v. Wade decision.

This is just crazy.

Maybe Chris Wray’s FBI is planning another fake terrorist attack?

From CNN: “Law enforcement sources … tell us that they are closely monitoring social media chatter that suggests there is a potential for violence against abortion clinic providers, abortion clinic staff, members of the Judiciary…”