Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’

These are just some of the comments from YouTube.com:

The Lone Rider: Fakebook editor thinks wearing a hat is terrorism. Meanwhile actually violent people have convinced gullible folks to put up signs on their lawn supporting their rioting. It’s a mad mad world.

Black Swan Rider: These are some of the most obnoxious people I have ever seen. Facebook personified, disgusting.

Captain Smirk: Leftist socialists erasing free speech and pushing a political agenda over constitutional rights? I’m shocked.

Alex Tomlins: Facebook is a DANGER to us all.

Lara Kontakos Facebook Content Moderator

Jimmy Graham: This is why I don’t have any social media.

ssiimm: hmm… No surprise what kind of people are the most racist full of hatred and political agenda.

Matt Gardner: Zuckerburg lied under oath to congress. That’s punishable with prison time.

Warren G.: These people should all be sued personally for violation of Civil rights. Would love to see them laugh then.

TrickyVickey: Making America Great Again IS A TERRIBLE THOUGHT TO ACTUAL TERRORISTS.

jake feisel: He’s not only brave but what he’s done in coming forward makes him a hero.

Basha R: I hope this guy is being protected because Facebook has alot to lose if this guy goes before Congress. I look forward to the day when ALL platforms lose their 230 protection. I hope Zuckerberg is watching this and he’s like, “OH SH#$.”

CowGames: So this confirms that Facebook is a publisher, not a platform. Time to treat them like such.

JG-PRO: They’re acting like a publisher to me. FB should be made an example of.

Ťhě Řûbý: This is why I don’t use Facebook. They’re a horrible company with horrible ethics.