Eye Witness Outlines Probable Criminal Activity in the Georgia 2020 Election Related to a Stacey Abrams’ Happy Face Temp

Stacey Abrams’s firm hired some very suspect individuals who are now being reported on.

We reported this past week that Stacey Abrams profited from the 2020 elections from her firm connected to Happy Faces:

EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Abrams Profited from Local Elections in Georgia and Across the Country Making Millions to Run Our Elections

The individuals hired for the election were weak and uninspired:

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Did Stacey Abrams’ Firm Hire a Weak Uninspired Temporary Workforce to Hide Election Fraud with Process Nightmares?

CD Media reported on some suspected criminal activity in Georgia related to the Election:

CDMedia spoke with Fulton County, GA (Atlanta) resident Barbara Hartman at length recently regarding her experience as a poll watcher during the Nov 3rd election, and recount in Georgia.  Hartman has many years of experience working as an assistant manager and approximately 25 years as a manager of elections in Fulton County, Atlanta.

She filed an affidavit after serving as a poll worker and then as an auditor for the November 3 election and observed mailed-in absentee ballots that had not been folded.  Mailed-in absentee ballots are folded, placed in an inner secrecy envelope, and that envelope is then placed in an outer envelope to be mailed.

CD Media ended with this:

All of the above election workers were Happy Faces employees and were not being monitored during voting, poll closeout, or ballot and flash card transport to the World Congress Center by any Fulton County Election official or Public Safety official.

The hiring and training and actions of the election workers in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia should be investigated for any wrongdoing in the 2020 Election.