Ex-Apple Engineer Unveils "Glitterbomb 3.0" Device To Combat Porch Pirates 

This year has been awfully stressful for retailers and package delivery companies, strained by the virus pandemic surge in e-commerce. About three billion packages will traverse the country’s shipping infrastructure this year – about 800 million more than last year, leaving many packages, once delivered to consumers, susceptible to porch pirates. 

Former NASA and Apple engineer Mark Rober spent the last three years developing the “Glitterbomb” device to combat porch pirates or anyone who steals packages from doorsteps. 

Evolution Of The Glitterbomb Device 

Days ago, Rober released the “Glitterbomb 3.0” in a YouTube video, which he explains holds more glitter, has four canisters of fart sprays, added LED strobes, wireless charging on a doormat, and handles laced with glue. 

The goal of the Glitterbomb 3.0 is to bait and track porch pirates with the device’s GPS and record the moment when thieves open the box, disguised as Bose headphones. 

Rober said he sent the Glitterbomb 3.0 to “houses all across America” to capture porch pirates. 

The fun begins around the seven-minute mark of the video, where scenes of people stealing the box from porches transitions to them opening it at home. 

When the porch pirates open the box, a glitter bomb explodes, putting them in a daze. Then the device sprays them with skunk spray and blinds them with ultra-bright LEDs, while cameras embedded within capture and log the video onto the cloud as GPS logs their location. 

So how do you buy one of these things?