Double-Vaxxed Contracted Covid at Higher Rates than Unvaccinated, UK Data Shows .

Data out of the UK shows people over the age of 30 who received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine contracted the Covid-19 virus at higher rates than those who were unvaccinated.

The anomaly appears in data from the UK Health Security Agency’s Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report documenting recent Covid case counts.

According to the data, Covid case counts diverge between the vaccinated and unvaccinated around age 30, with less unvaccinated people being infected with Covid (738.4) than vaccinated people (763.6).

Alarmingly, the Covid infection rate more than doubles around the age of 40, with vaccinated people accounting for 1,281.8 cases, while unvaccinated 40-year-olds only reported 690 cases.

The trend of Covid infections despite double-vaccination continues into age groups past 49, with older age groups showing a similar pattern.

The data, which seemingly disproves the “vaccines work” narrative, caused distress on social media, with many blaming mandatory government vaccination schemes for spreading the very virus they claim to want to stop.

The data was underscored by vaccine researcher Alex Berenson during a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience (around 56:30). The former New York Times science journalist was banned by Twitter earlier this year for doing little more than highlighting government Covid data.

Berenson also dropped another bombshell (59:30), pointing out the data from the UK government shows 70% of people in the UK that died of Covid last month were fully vaccinated.

During the interview, Berenson looked at vaccine surveillance report data from “week 38,” but “week 40” data shows the same trend.

“What I want everyone to see is that the vast majority of people in Britain who died in September were fully vaccinated,” Berenson told Rogan.

“1,270 out of 1,500 were fully vaccinated. 607 of the 70-year-olds out of 800 were fully vaccinated. 258 out of the 411 60-year-olds… they were almost all fully vaccinated.”

“Most people who die of this now are fully vaccinated in the UK. Those are the numbers.”

With the data showing the vaccine is actually driving up Covid case counts, will the UK government admit their vaccination program is a bust? And will the alarming trends prompt other governments to investigate whether similar trends exist in their countries?

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