Doctors, Scientists, and Ex-Industry Whistleblowers Support Petition to Boycott 5G Phones

By B.N. Frank

Cell phone safety is NOT tested on humans or animals.  It’s tested on “SAM”, a plastic mannequin head.

From “We Are Not Sam”:

SAM is a dummy used by the telecommunications industry across the world to test the heating effects of wireless radiation of 5G mobile phones.

During the test, the SAM plastic head is filled with a liquid to see if it heats up one degree within a 6-minute call. His head is based on a 100kg, six-foot tall adult male military recruit. Only 3% of the population fit the stereotype of SAM. What sort of “safety” oversight only protects 3% of the population?

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers recommend that mobile phone devices be held at distances of 5 to 25 millimetres away from the body to meet the safety standards? It’s because the SAM dummy is designed in such a way that its ‘ear’ can be as much as 10 millimetres away from the cell phone. Most phone users put their phones directly to their heads. So this is yet another example of how the testing is rigged.

iPhones and iPads have never been tested for safety on children

Many people have smaller and thinner skulls than SAM. Children absorb substantially more wireless radiation than adults. Research confirms that the radiation absorption for a 10-year old is up to 150% higher than that of the SAM dummy.

Essentially, when it comes to 5G, they are testing on you, me and our children. We’ve become the test dummies, which is alarming for our health and planet.


Doctors, scientists, whistleblowers, and activists support a petition to boycott 5G phones.

A campaign backed by whistleblowers

Scientists, doctors and ex-insiders around the world are standing up to the telco industry and blowing the whistle against the lies, corruption and real dangers associated with 5G rollout.

#WeAreNotSAM is a creative campaign for critical thinkers around the world.

Decades of research has already determined that exposure to cell phone radiation is biological harmful (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  It can

Animals are affected by exposure too.  Of course, some of us will tolerate exposure better than others.

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