Despite Pentagon Rejection, Rolling To Remember “Expecting 100,000 Bikers” In DC This Weekend

The Rolling To Remember Motorcycle Ride is alive and well.

According to Joe Chenelly, the national executive director of AMVETS, they are now expecting “100,000 bikes” at the event.

Breitbart reported:

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News, Joe Chenelly, the national executive director of AMVETS, said that Muriel Bowser, the mayor of the District of Columbia, granted the group permission to stage at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.

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“We’ve built out a very robust plan, great infrastructure, so Sunday morning we will be staging at RFK stadium,” Chenelly said, noting that the event is now “expecting 100,000 bikes.”

In early May, Joe Biden’s Pentagon rejected a permit for Rolling to Remember — which threatened to stop the event.

Biden Administration Denies Permit To Veteran Motorcycle Group For Memorial Day Event In DC

The event is now on and expected to draw an enormous crowd.

Chenelly said that the Pentagon’s rejection backfired – more bikers are now expected to attend than before.