DeSantis makes a HUGE, potentially game-changing move; Biden (4x💉) still covid++; even Dems blame Joe; Griner gets 9 years; no action on Taiwan; Amnesty accuses Ukraine of war crimes

💉 Biden tested positive for covid again yesterday. So. It’s all going great.

🔥 Wednesday, Governor DeSantis’ spicy spokeslady Christina Pushaw teased that the Governor would make an exciting announcement yesterday to drive the woke media crazy. She was right and wrong.

She was right it was a blockbuster announcement. Where she was wrong is that corporate media is pouting and has decided to try to largely ignore and downplay the story to try to make it just go away. Christina probably expected them to attack DeSantis about the move, but instead they were shocked because they’d never considered the strategy or that a governor would be bold enough to do it, and media is terrified it might spread to other red states, just when they were getting started wrecking the major cities.

For background, let’s begin with Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren. The Miami Herald has described him as “a rising star in progressive law enforcement circles.” In other words, he’s one of these Soros-backed prosecutors who believes in selectively not enforcing the law against career criminals but instead enforcing it against regular citizens for politics. Hillsborough police have been complaining for years about the Hillsborough State Attorney’s office routinely letting bad actors go. Warren even instituted an official — written — policy of “presumptive non-enforcement” of certain crimes.

Since he was elected in 2016, Warren has been declining to prosecute drug arrests and has refused to seek the death penalty in some pretty gruesome cases. On the other hand, in April 2020, Warren leapt to prosecute a PASTOR who’d been arrested for holding in-person church services.

(The charges against the pastor were later dropped after Governor DeSantis signed an executive order specifically allowing in-person church services.)

Most recently, Warren announced that the Legislature could pass whatever laws they wanted to, but HE would refuse to enforce ANY laws related to new prohibitions of castration of minors for “transitioning,” or related to protections for babies under new anti-abortion laws. In other words, he was vetoing those laws for Hillsborough county.

So DeSantis flexed his Governor’s powers yesterday and suspended Warren from office, appointing his interim replacement. Boom! Buh bye.

Not only that, but DeSantis ALSO sent the state police to physically remove Warren from his office, “and to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney…”

“The constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the governor, not in individual state attorneys,” DeSantis said. “So, when you flagrantly violate your oath of office .. when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, and you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties,” he explained.

DeSantis said that Florida had watched other states struggling with the issue and was not going to allow woke selective-prosecution-techniques take root in the Sunshine State.

Last night, Tucker seemed very pleased that somebody had finally taken action against a Soros DA, and he had Governor DeSantis on the show, calling Warren’s removal “kind of a big deal.”

For his part, Warren isn’t a happy camper, of course, calling his removal a “political stunt” but not saying he was going to fight it, either.


📉 Summit.News ran a story yesterday headlined, “Poll: Almost 40% Of Democrat Voters Say Democrats Have ‘Run The Economy Into The Ground’.” Uh-oh!

It’s even worse than that. The sub-head says, “Almost half of Democrat voters also said they believe the economy is in a recession.” Whoops. I guessed they missed the memo about the new definition of “recession.” They’re still mulling over the last time the Democrats ran the economy into the ground, back when Nancy Pelosi re-defined “unemployment” as “fun-employment,” where you have a lot more time for poetry, artwork, travel and stuff.

In it’s July 30th poll, Rasmussen asked 1,000 likely voters this question:

“Democrats inherited an economy that was primed for an historic comeback, and promptly ran it straight into the ground.”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


  • Men: 63%
  • Women: 56%
  • DEM: 38% ←
  • IND: 57% ←
  • GOP: 85%
  • All Voters: 59%

Haha! “PROMPTLY ran it straight into the ground!” This isn’t a good sign for Dems. The poll result might actually be even higher since democrat voters may have been reluctant to agree with the poller.

As an aside, the 15% of GOP’ers who disagreed with the statement must be the NeverTrumper contingent or something, I love them and everything but I can’t quite understand how they think.

Anyway, the only quibble I have with the poll results is that Biden has arguably run a lot more than just the economy into the ground. How about Afghanistan, domestic oil production, kids’ learning, drug abuse rates, the border, and so on and so forth.

🔥 National Review ran a story yesterday headlined, “Russian Court Sentences WNBA Star Brittney Griner to Nine Years in Penal Colony.” Yikes. It’s too bad Britney got used to selective Soros DA non-enforcement over here, or she might’ve been more careful, maybe even given up drugs altogether.

According to State Department spokesguy John Kirby at the White House Press Briefing yesterday, this is exactly how Russians usually sentence foreigners caught with drugs. For her part, Griner is a well-known critic of American culture which she believes is not only systematically racist but also anti-LGBTQ++, so she generally agrees with Russian President Putin’s criticisms. Even though she thinks the U.S. is systematically anti-gay, Griner was somehow able to marry her girlfriend anyway. In fact, she’s on her SECOND gay marriage to a biological female, having divorced her first wife/husband after she/they unexpectedly turned up pregnant.

I hope I got the pronouns right.

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After being arrested at the airport on February 17th, Griner admitted the drugs were hers and pleaded guilty. She said she’d forgetfully tossed the recreational vape cartridges into her suitcase by accident. Griner’s lawyer said the confused WNBA player had “no idea” that the strict penalties for drug possession in Russia were so harsh, it was just a teeny-tiny amount of drugs, and it was an “honest mistake” that any young athlete could make.

Griner is 31 years old.

One positive arising from the case is that Griner, who wrote a pleading letter to Joe Biden on the 4th of July, has discovered a newfound sense of patriotism and love for her country. “On the 4th of July, our family normally honors the service of those who fought for our freedom, including my father who is a Vietnam War Veteran,” Griner wrote.


🔥 The Hill ran an amusing article yesterday headlined, “3 in 5 People in 27 Countries Say Abortion Should Be Legal.” The gist was that a new Ipsos poll supposedly found most people support a right to terminate the baby’s life at some point prior to birth.

The reason stories like this tickle me is they are immediately self-negating. If the poll is accurate, then people who support the right also have the numbers to vote that right into the law. They don’t need courts or anything else. Just vote. But, people HAVEN’T voted themselves the right. The poll is obviously wrong. So why bother reading any further than the headline?

Stupid corporate media.

🔥 I listened to a great deal of the White House press briefing yesterday while I was working on a long legal draft, and I was not disappointed when Biden’s defense spokesman, John Kirby, rattled on a lot about just how unhappy Biden is about what is happening between China and Taiwan, and about how important a “free and open Indo-Pacific” is, but was very very light on anything sounding like any kind of promise to help.

Kirby did say the carrier USS Ronald Reagan would stick around “in the region to observe.” So we’re OBSERVING Taiwan being surrounded. That must be a great comfort to them.

Fox’s Peter Doocey asked the most interesting question, of course. Regarding China, he asked Kirby something like, “When Russia was building up troops along Ukraine’s border, Biden was in front of a microphone every couple days warning Putin to stop. But now that China’s surrounding Taiwan, Biden is nowhere to be seen, why?”

The answer: word salad.

FBN’s Edward Lawrence asked Kirby in a roundabout way whether the U.S. might consider sanctions against China to get them to stand down. But it would be an awkward time to start sanctioning ANOTHER huge international supplier, given our current worldwide supply chain problems. Kirby essentially answered, “no.”

Unlike how we responded to early RUSSIAN aggression toward Ukraine, yesterday the U.S. cancelled a planned ICBM missile test, citing tensions with China. Kirby described the decision to stand down as “demonstrating the behavior of a responsible nuclear power by reducing the risks of miscalculation and misperception.”

We wouldn’t want the Chinese to get the wrong idea that the U.S. might respond to an invasion of Taiwan militarily or anything.

You see folks, this is VERY delicate statecraft. It might seem confusing that we are treating Russia’s aggression toward the 3rd most corrupt country in the world, Ukraine, so differently than we are treating China’s aggression toward one of our longest-standing allies in the Pacific theater, Taiwan. You couldn’t possibly understand, so Don’t. Even. Try.

🔥 After meeting with President Trump in New Jersey, Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban addressed the conservative CPAC conference in Texas yesterday, massively triggering the Dems, some of whom demanded that the DOJ and Merrick Garland do something to stop his speech, which was practically domestic terrorism or an insurrection or something. I am not making that up.

Orban told CPAC attendees that “The globalists can all go to hell. I have come to Texas.” Orban, who was recently re-elected for a fourth term, is widely viewed as both a Trump and Putin ally and a staunch Soros adversary. The Hill’s article about his speech hinted darkly at Orban’s “Nazi-like rhetoric” and his authoritarian tendencies, just like how they usually describe Governor DeSantis. Other woke liberals were worried Orban’s speech would lead directly to America’s descent into totalitarianism, which is pretty ironic:

In his speech, Orban explained that progressives and communists are the same, and they must be defeated — again — through “revitalizing” our churches, our universities, and our institutions.

I don’t see what the problem was.

🚀 Russia got an unlikely ally yesterday in Amnesty International, which released an investigative report condemning Ukraine for war crimes, producing scads of evidence of Ukraine surreptitiously nestling military assets amongst unknowing and unwilling civilian groups, including hospitals, schools, and shopping centers, where those civilians would have promptly fled had they known they were being used as human shields. But they didn’t get the choice.

The report carefully tries to be even-handed, pointing out Russia’s many alleged transgressions such as invading in the first place, but ultimately convicts Ukraine as having committed what are clear war crimes and violations of international human rights agreements.

But of course, the crime wasn’t that Ukraine put all those innocent civilians — its own citizens! — in harm’s way, getting many of them killed, but the real crime was that Amnesty said anything about it. That’s the REAL crime. They should keep their damn mouths shut. Amnesty’s report instantly sparked a furious backlash against Amnesty, as social media experts who were formerly pro-lockdown, then pro-mask, then pro-jab, and now are pro-Ukraine, accused the human rights group of being a mindless propaganda front for the Russian. Which I thought was ironic.

Who knows? It could be, I guess. I’ve never much cared for Amnesty, so I’m staying out of this one. What do YOU think?

Have a fabulous Friday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the weekend edition!