Democrats Bring in Bill Nye the Science Guy to Talk About Climate Change in Front of Congress

Bill Nye the science guy, who holds a BS degree from Cornell University, was in front of Congress yesterday to talk about climate change.

You just can’t make this up.  The Democrats invited climate change advocate Bill Nye to Congress to discuss climate change.

Democrats invited former children’s science TV show host Bill Nye to a House Homeland Security subcommittee to testify about climate change and how to introduce policies to “change the world.”

Nye likened the effort needed to combat climate change to that of the United States’ effort during World War II. He advocated for more government involvement, including regulating greenhouse gas emissions and investing in nuclear energy. Citing Texas’s February winter storm, he argued the free market fails to protect people from climate change. Instead, proponents of combating climate change need to take political power and elect people who “accept the science,” he said, adding that voter suppression could stop the United States from taking action.

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In the past, Nye amplified his vision of climate change by dropping numerous f-bombs:

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Nye also is stated that he was ok with jailing climate change deniers:


The Democrats’ entire plan and policies are insane.  They lack any semblance of the truth or reality.  This is why they bring in children’s show hosts to talk about climate change.