Democrat Hack Sec Of State “Accidentally” Sends 30,000 Voter Registrations To NON-Citizens

Last month, Democratic Secretary of State Jen Griswold, who has advertised her dedication to ensuring secure elections, “mistakenly” mailed postcards to 30,000 non-U.S. citizens living in Colorado encouraging them to register to vote.

After this major blunder, Griswold’s office has brushed it aside as a mere error in their database of Colorado residents. Apparently, the Department of Revenue driver’s license list didn’t allow the Department of State to filter out the individuals who were not U.S. citizens.

Griswold’s office claims it has not noticed any of these noncitizens trying to register to vote and assured the public that it will take care to make sure non-citizens are allowed to register if they attempt to do so.

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Colorado Secretary of State Jen Griswold

The 30,000 people who received the postcards in error will be sent a follow-up notice about the mistake, and will reportedly be diligent in their efforts to keep all ineligible people from registering to vote in Colorado.

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Colorado’s Republican Party chair Kristi Burton Brown criticized Griswold for the mailing mistake, saying, “Jena Griswold continues to make easily avoidable errors just before ballots go out [by mail].”