CRAZY WORLD – Nasty PBS Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Asks Admitted Liar Jake Sullivan How to Recover from Trump Years

You really can’t make this stuff up.  One of the nastiest reporters to visit the White House in the Trump years, Yamiche Alcindor, asked admitted liar Jake Sullivan how America recovers from the Trump years. 

Americans came to know Yamiche Alcindor as the unattractive and obese reporter from PBS who hated President Trump and anyone who voted for him.

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Yamiche was a real piece of work:

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But Yamiche was the queen of the far-left media complex:

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Unfortunately, Jake Sullivan, from the Obama/Biden administration is even worse.  He’s an admitted liar.

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So you know the world is upside down when Nasty Yamiche Alcindor, asks admitted liar Jake Sullivan how the world will recover from President Trump.

China must be so happy with the Obama/Biden Administration and American reporters like Yamiche Alcindor.  They all are in the same boat and against America.