Covid Poll Finds Democrats Favor Punitive Measures for Opponents

People line up for a COVID-19 test in New York City, January 4, 2022. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

The Washington Examiner reports on a Rasmussen poll on attitudes toward governmental Covid policies. Not surprisingly, it found hefty percentages of Democrats in favor of harsh, repressive actions against Americans who disagree with them on Covid.  Among Democrats, 55 percent approve of fines for those who refuse vaccination (but also 19 percent of Republicans). Should the government take children away from parents who won’t get vaccinated? Yes, said 29 percent of Democrats. What about people who challenge government Covid policies on social media? They should be fined and/or imprisoned, say 48 percent of Democrats.

A “live and let live” philosophy used to prevail in this country, but that has largely been replaced with a statist ethos — “obey or else.”

(Hat tip: Todd Zywicki)

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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