Conservative Activists Put California Dems To Shame — Clean Up Tracks By Looted Trains

While Democrats impose mask mandates on schoolchildren, California trains are being looted by criminals.

Union Pacific, one of the country’s largest railroad companies, even said that it may avoid operating in Los Angeles County due to the thefts.

CNN reported:

Photos and videos showing piles of empty boxes littered alongside rail tracks in Los Angeles County, California have gone viral as shipping companies say they’ve seen a dramatic spike in railroad theft. Some of the boxes are packages from companies like UPS, Amazon and FedEx.

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Union Pacific, one of the country’s largest railroad companies, says it may avoid operating in Los Angeles County following the spike in thefts, which it blames on lax prosecution of crimes. The containers and trains are locked, but can be broken into.

Union Pacific said last month in a letter to the Los Angeles District Attorney that it saw a 160% year-over-year increase in theft in LA county. The company claims that a December 2020 special directive issued by District Attorney George Gascón that changed how low-level offenses are prosecuted has contributed to the uptick.

Here is a video showing just how bad it is:

Rather than doing anything about it, California Governor Gavin Newsom apologized for saying “gangs” when discussing the thefts.

CA Governor Newsom Apologizes For Saying “Gangs” When Discussing Organized Criminal Gangs Looting Trains (VIDEO)

Conservative Activist Scott Presler has now jumped into action to help out.

He and a team of other activists have gone to the train tracks to begin cleaning them up.

He said he was told by police that they were not allowed on the tracks – meanwhile very little is being done to stop the thefts.

Watch Scott talk about the situation:

While Democrats fiddle, conservatives clean up!

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