Colorado Elementary School Promotes Racially-Segregated Playground Event

(@realchrisrufo/via Twitter)

A Colorado elementary school recently planned a racially-segregated “families of color playground night” in the name of diversity and inclusivity.

Chris Rufo, a journalist who has lead the charge against critical race theory, first shared a sign outside of Centennial Elementary School promoting the event.

“Denver Public Schools now promoting racially-segregated playtime—for ‘equity,’” Rufo captioned the photo.

The school’s Facebook page says the first event was scheduled to take place on October 13 and would then reoccur on the second Wednesday of each month to follow outside at the school, weather permitting.

Rufo reported that the event was organized by the school’s Dean of Culture, Nicole Tembrock, and that it was ultimately canceled because of Covid-19 protocols, though the school plans to reschedule in the new year. 

University of Denver law professor Dave Kopel replied to Rufo’s tweets and said the event would be in violation of the state constitution, which says “nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color.”

The Facebook post also promotes an event to introduce parents to the “Community Equity Collective” hosted by the school’s leadership and its “Diversity and Inclusivity Committee.”

“In this first session, we will introduce the Equity Book Study and Equity Discussions which will alternate each month,” the post said, adding that the group would meet the first Wednesday of each month and that it would be reading How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community by Mia Birdsong.

“In alternating months, we will discuss another resource, topic, or equity-related theme,” the post adds. “This first month, we will focus on getting to know each other and learning about how we can contribute to equity at Centennial.”

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