Chechen Warlord And His Forces Declare ‘Victory’ In Mariupol And Shout ‘Allahu Akhbar’ (VIDEO)

Chechen forces are claiming victory in Mariupol outside the huge steel plant where the last of the Ukraine troops were trapped in the city.  

We first reported on Chechen forces heading to Ukraine in late February.

BREAKING: Buildups in Action as NATO Countries Are Reportedly Sending Supplies to Ukraine While Russian Media Reports on Chechen Troops Heading to Ukraine

A video shows Chechen forces claiming victory and posing for a video outside a steel plant in Maripol.  The group leader says some things and then the group shouts ‘Allah Akhbar’.

The Israel National News reported today:

Chechen warlord and Putin-ally Ramzan Kadyrov and his fighters pose in front of a burnt-out building in the besieged city.

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