Capitol Police Officers Suspended, Over A Dozen Investigated For Supporting Pro-Trump Demonstrators

Several Capitol Police officers have been suspended and seventeen are under investigation for supporting a largely pro-Trump cadre of demonstrators who were allowed in to the US Capitol building last week, where they ran amok and posed for pictures while protesting the Electoral College vote count.

Their actions, amid an otherwise civil protest, have upstaged allegations of election fraud and sparked a massive cancel campaign against all things MAGA – including Twitter alternative Parler. Congressional Democrats, meanwhile, have capitalized on the chaos to either impeach or censure Trump for ‘instigating’ the incursion.

According to acting Capitol police chief Yogananda Pittman, “The Department also has been actively reviewing video and other open source materials of some USCP officers and officials that appear to be in violation of Department regulations and policies,” adding that “several” officers had been suspended following last week’s incident which saw five deaths – including an Air Force veteran who was shot in the neck by an officer and succumbed to her wounds.

Our Office of Professional Responsibility will investigate these behaviors for disciplinary action, up to, and including, termination.”

Scrutiny over the Capitol Police comes amid questions as to how the small group of protesters were able to gain access to the Capitol in the first place, and were allowed to spread throughout the building – in some cases entering lawmakers’ offices – seemingly unhindered.

For example, who opened this door?

A video of the moment shows the picture was taken just inside a security checkpoint. An alarm, perhaps from a nearby magnetometer, blares as men from the crowd appear to keep entering the door without police checking for weapons. The photographer said he thought the image was taken in a doorway near the northwest corner of the Capitol. –WaPo

One of the suspended officers was captured in viral images taking a selifie with a protester.

A Capitol Police officer who posed for a selfie with a rioter (above) has been suspended (via the Daily Mail)

Another suspended officer was seen outside the Capitol building wearing a red MAGA hat while protesters were surrounding the building, according to Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH).

One video taken during the mayhem appears to show an officer wearing a MAGA cap leading a line of men in black helmets and body armor as they leave the Capitol to a crowd of applauding rioters. It is unclear whether other men behind him are officers or rioters.

Ryan said Pittman, who took command of the department on Friday after Sund’s resignation, determined that the actions “qualified for immediate suspension.”WaPo

“The main point is that Capitol Police are looking at everybody involved that could have potentially facilitated at a big level or small level in any way,” said Ryan.

Meanwhile, thanks to the small group of (mostly) Trump supporters who breached the building, police officers and an Army psyops officer are under investigation for their participation in last week’s demonstration – whether or not they were involved in the ‘storming’ of the Capitol.

In Seattle, interim police chief Adrian Diaz confirmed that at least two officers had been placed on administrative leave and referred to internal investigations after the department received social media posts showing the officers in Washington. Residents of Troy, N.H., have also called for the resignation of Police Chief Dave Ellis after an interview he gave placed him at the pro-Trump rally.

On Monday, the police force in Anne Arundel County, Md., announced that it has suspended an officer with pay as the agency works with federal authorities to determine what involvement the officer may have had. –WaPo

In short, a subset of mostly peaceful protesters, and what appears to be a group of Capitol Police officers who supported their cause, are responsible for another potential Trump impeachment, the death of Parler, and ‘sanctions’ by corporate donors against GOP lawmakers who supported the Electoral College challenge, as part of a mass cancel campaign.

Lastly – let’s not forget that on Bill Clinton’s final day in office, he commuted the sentences of a pair of radical leftists who bombed the US Capitol building in 1983 in an effort to kill GOP lawmakers. Who lobbied for their release? none other than Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

If only cancel culture was a thing back then – and of course, the parties involved had been reversed.