Canadian Trudeau gov: Boosters every 90 days

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My understanding of a “booster” is it is just the same vaccine you got already, and it didn’t work, so they give you more of the same shit, because it is working for their intended purposes…

Canada just bought another 12 million doses according to CTV. This is in addition to the ten thousand million we already had. We know that every Leader gets a kickback into an offshore account or whatever. So he won’t stop with this relentless bullshit. But he’s really lost the narrative. They had one shot & blew it. A lot of people who got on board the first time aren’t going to follow orders next time. And his personal approval is hovering around 10% so he’s got no support. And Red Chinese Agent Born A Man Tam ain’t scaring anyone either.

— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2023) September 3, 2022

13F26289 05F4 4913 91AA 4AB63B340FFC

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