Canadian Authorities Now Threaten Freedom Convoy Truckers with $100,000 Fine and Up to Year in Prison for Blocking Windsor Bridge

The Windsor police are handing out warnings to the protesters. New orders take effect at midnight on Friday.

Meanwhile, we cannot confirm this but it sounds about right from what we’ve seen in the past few years.

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The Freedom Convoy Protesters now face a $100,000 fine and up to a year in jail for resisting the regime.
The Star reported:

New warnings to stand down or face the imminent possibility of harsh consequences have been issued but protesters plugging roads around Parliament Hill as well as Canada’s busiest border crossing still show no signs of budging.

On Friday Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency that will allow his cabinet to impose $100,000 fines and up to one year in jail as punishments against people who continue to illegally block roads, bridges, walkways and other critical infrastructure.

Both Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned the protesters, who are demanding an immediate end to all COVID-19 pubic health mandates and restrictions, that if they don’t go home the sanctions they face could ruin their lives.

A judge also issued an injunction giving protesters blocking cross-border traffic at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont., until 7 p.m. Friday to clear out, however, the deadline came and went with the demonstrators both at the bridge and in Ottawa still vowing to stay put until their demands are met.

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