BOMBSHELL! Soros-funded DISINFO CAMPAIGN Launched To Spread Deliberate Lies About Trump And Jan. 6 Such As……..

… the spurious claim that the Trump campaign paid “literally millions of dollars to make” the January 6th siege happen

Jeff Childers
Coffee & Covid

🔥 The Democrats have gotten their sticky little hands stuck in the fake news cookie jar, this time. A TikTok video went viral this weekend, which simultaneously illustrated the underhanded tactics of the left, rogue deep state government actors, massive funding, and the shady NGOs carrying out its demonic agenda — as well as the how desperate it’s getting.

The viral video was posted by a popular TikTok “Harvard trial attorney” Preston Moore (@trialbypreston). He wasn’t happy. Not at all.

First of all, as I can assure you, since I’m also a lawyer who posts on social media, serious lawyers are always careful to tell what they believe is the truth, especially online, because their reputation has to be solid in front of judges and juries. A reputation for lying kind of hurts if you’re a trial lawyer. Not to overlook ethics, of course.

Second, on his TikTok channel, Preston has been consistently critical of the former president. He has repeatedly posted about his opinion that the FBI has enough evidence to indict President Trump for concealing national defense information, for example.

I’m sure that’s why they thought it was safe to contact him. They forgot some people care about ethics and telling the truth.

In his latest video, Preston says he got an unsolicited email invitation from “Jane” at the “Good Info Foundation,” offering a “paid collaboration” where he could earn $400 for making certain posts to his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Curious, he responded that he was interested, and then got a link to a private web page providing instructions for what needed to be in the paid post. The Good Info Foundation (or, the “GIF”) wanted him to talk about January 6th, but from a certain, er, point of view:

Preston thought all this seemed kind of sketchy. Then he noticed under the heading, “Key Messaging (in your own words!),” the Good Info Foundation’s private web page advised him to make this remarkable claim:

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Preston followed up, emailing back and asking Jane to explain what evidence backed up the claim that the Trump campaign paid “literally millions of dollars to make” the January 6th siege happen. And guess what? Jane didn’t provide any evidence. She backed off and said, “you don’t have to say that if you don’t want to.”

Here’s Preston, in his own words:

🔥 So, who or what is this Good Info Foundation anyway? The GIF’s list of board members and officers is a rogue’s gallery of Deep State operatives. For example, the GIF’s board chairman is Richard Stengel, a former State Department official (and then ‘MSNBC contributor’). Alert independent investigators quickly dug up this video clip featuring Stengel speaking in 2020:

In the clip,* Stengel explains when he worked at the U.S. State Department, his job was literally called the “Chief Propagandist.” I am not making that up. And then I nearly spit out my coffee when he says this:

“I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it. And they have to do it to their own population. And I don’t think it’s that awful.”

Um. They HAVE TO DO IT THEIR OWN POPULATION. They “have to.” That used to be illegal! Oh well, at least he admitted it. But, just spitballing here, maybe it’s time for a new Church Committee.

Apparently Richard’s “Good Info” — a non-profit public interest organization — is now paying TikTok influencers $400 bucks PER POST to propagandize Americans about January 6th and falsely claim that Trump paid millions to “make it happen.”

I don’t think “good information” means what they think it means. You usually don’t have to pay like-minded influencers to talk about “good” information.

Another “advisor” listed on the GIF’s website is Dan Pfieffer, who used to be Obama’s White House Communications Director. The website identifies a woman named Tara McGowan as the “founder” of GIF. InfluenceWatch describes McGowan as “a Democratic political operative,” and says this about her:

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InfluenceWatch didn’t list Good Information, Inc., which runs the Good Info Project, but it did mention this interesting little nugget:

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$65 million! That’s a whole lot for one single project. Pretty ambitious. Having tried my hand at some public-interest fund-raising, I know how much work it takes.

🔥 So wouldn’t you like to know where all the millions to pay for top-tier deep-staters and buy off social media influencers are coming from? Oh wait, someone already tracked it down:

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George Soros, what a shock! I knew you’d be surprised.