Bivalent (Latin For Double Strength) Booster Already Having Deadly Effect

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bi- word-forming element meaning “two, having two, twice, double, doubly, twofold, once every two,” etc., from Latin bi- “twice, double,” from Old Latin dvi- (cognate with Sanskrit dvi-, Greek di-, dis-, Old English twi-, German zwei- “twice, double”), from PIE root *dwo- “two.”

valence (n.)early 15c., “extract, preparation,” from Latin valentia “strength, capacity,” from valentem(nominative valens) “strong, stout, vigorous, powerful,” present participle of valere “be strong” (from PIE root *wal- “to be strong”). Chemistry sense of “relative combining capacity of an element with other atoms when forming compounds or molecules” is recorded from 1884, from German Valenz (1868), from the Latin word. Related: Valency.