Big Tech Fails to Suppress Criticism of Fauci Puff Piece Documentary That Demonizes Infowars .

Big Tech platforms have completely failed to suppress the widespread criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s upcoming documentary despite their best efforts.

The NIAID Director and White House Covid response adviser’s biopic “Fauci” promotes him as the savior of mankind who delivered humanity from COVID – a virus he himself helped create through government funding – despite opposition from Americans protesting medical tyranny.

The “Fauci” trailer is heavily ratio’d on YouTube despite the establishment’s best efforts to suppress criticism of the White House Covid adviser.

For example, Rotten Tomatoes had initially prevented users from rating the documentary on its platform.

But after swift online backlash, the film critique website finally relented and allowed an audience rating, which turned out to be even more embarrassing for Fauci and his establishment cheerleaders, who gave the documentary a 91% rating.

IMDB, the premiere online movie database, also has a 1.5/10 user rating for “Fauci” as of this writing.

Notably, the trailer opens with scenes of anti-Fauci protesters prominently wearing Infowars gear, including our “Arrest Fauci & Gates” t-shirt — only available at the Infowars Store – in an effort to portray peaceful protesters as domestic terrorists, which the Biden administration has already done.

A leftist who promotes Fauci’s medical tyranny hostage takeover has removed a tweet of herself skydiving after she realized the man in whom she entrusted her life was wearing an ‘Arrest Fauci’ Infowars sticker on his helmet.