Biden Was Supposed To Meet Uvalde Residents, But Fled When They Booed And Chanted “Do Something!” (Video)

Video taken Sunday afternoon and posted to Twitter by El American reporter Anthony Cabassa shows Joe Biden, in town to pay respects to those killed in the school massacre this week, walking down a sidewalk with wife Jill after leaving mass in Uvalde, Texas, making their way to a crowd of people behind a police line. Biden’s motorcade can be seen inching down the street alongside him. The crowd breaks out into boos and chant’s of “Do something!” After a few seconds Biden turns away, walks into the street and climbs onto the Beast as it pulls up, stepping up on the door platform to tell the crowd, “We will!”, pointing his index finger and then giving a thumbs up to the vocal crowd.

Screen image via DJ Judd/Twitter.

This part of the story has not been widely reported and was not part of TGP’s earlier report on Biden’s visit to Uvalde.

Cabassa says the Secret Service had told the crowd that Biden would come down and meet and shake hands with them after mass, setting up a police line. But, Cabassa reports that when Biden heard the crowd’s chants he bailed rather than face them.

HAPPENING NOW: “DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!” Uvalde residents exclaim to President Biden. Secret service told the community President would meet and shake hands with them, but is met with angry chants and instead leaves. This after Catholic Service in honor of victims…POTUS didn’t speak to anyone in the community at the Elementary, or at the Church visit. The Police set up tape last minute so the President could meet with residents outside, but as he walked to the crowd, chants broke out and some “boo’s” and decided against it.”

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Indeed, not everyone was happy to have Biden come to their town.

A video report posted by CNN reporter DJ Judd said nothing about Biden walking over to talk with the locals and then bailing when he was protested.

This key part of the story was also missed by Drew Hernandez.

Biden took a decent length walk down the sidewalk from the church to the crowd and appears to have caught the Secret Service a little off guard when he decided to flee rather than face critics in Uvalde.

Video posted by CBS News: