Baltimore Cop Slammed Man On Crutches Into Pavement For Improperly Wearing Mask

The Covid ‘rules enforcement’ craziness continues, and as things like mask wearing becomes the new norm with no end in sight, now entering a year out from when the pandemic began to hit Western countries, such incidents are like only to grow.

The latest in the US comes out of Baltimore, where a police officer has been indicted for assault on a man inside a grocery store who was merely wearing his mask “improperly” according to local media reports.

What’s more is the man was on crutches. Baltimore detective Andre Maurice Pringle has been indicted by a grand jury for second degree (misdemeanor) assault and misconduct after last April he shoved 25-year old Brandon Walker to the ground

Walker is said to have entered the grocery store with a face mask on top of his head, instead of covering his mouth and notes. 

When Officer Pringle was called by store management to intervene, things escalated. Here’s how prosecutors described the ordeal which led to Walker’s head getting slammed to the ground:

Walker, who was using a crutch and had a cast on his right foot, refused to pull the mask down over his mouth and nose, according to the release and indictment. A store manager called Pringle, who was working in the store, for assistance.

“Officer Pringle, who was in full BPD uniform at the time, approached Walker and advised him that he had to leave the store,” prosecutors said. “The two began walking towards the exit. Walker was yelling and cursing at Officer Pringle as they continued towards the automated entry/exit doors.”

Once in the vestibule, Walker stopped and “glared” at Pringle, prosecutors said. The officer allegedly grabbed Walker by his jacket, shoved him outside, and then slammed him to the ground face-first causing Walker to hit his head on the pavement.

There doesn’t appear to have been video released in connection with the officer’s assault on the store patron, but it was still egregious enough to convene a grand jury over. Of course, there’s likely dozens or hundreds of similar such instances of harsh and out of control ‘Covid-enforcers’ which will never see a courtroom, much less public attention. 

“The contact which started with the shove and continued through the arrest resulted in intentional, harmful, offensive, and unwanted touching by Officer Pringle,” a prosecutor’s press release statement said. “The physical assaults were not accidental, consented to, nor legally justified.”

The officer has been suspended with pay and if convicted on the assault charge could face a maximum penalty of up to ten years in prison.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Amazingly the victim who got his head smashed into the pavement for simply not wearing a mask properly was initially charged with trespassing and resisting arrest; however, those charges have since been dropped.