AZ Audit CONTINUES – Another Graveyard Shift And A NEW LOOK! – Officials from Georgia Tour TODAY

The world’s first-ever full forensic audit of a Presidential Election continued Monday night for another 8 PM – 1 AM counting shift.

The staff is transforming the counting floor into a forensics floor as the hand count reaches completion, and the high number of counting tables is obsolete. 

On Monday afternoon, Senate liasion Ken Bennett told The Gateway Pundit that the audit team would be about 80% completed with counting by the end of the day. At 12:10 AM on Tuesday, The number of untouched pallets remaining was only five.

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MONDAY NIGHT AMERICA’S AUDIT UPDATE: 80% COUNTED – Ken Bennett Says “Several Weeks” Before Auditors will Confirm or Deny Biden’s Win (Video)

The AZ audit team is maxing out capacity on forensic tables in order to finish that process and deliver a final report ASAP. Within the coming weeks, we will finally know the answer on whether or not this was a fraudulent election.

Other states with irregularities pointing to fraud, similar to those seen in Arizona, are expected to come to Arizona for a full walkthrough of the process. As TGP reported earlier, a team from the state of Georgia will be on the floor later today to evaluate implementing a full forensic audit at home in GA.

On Monday morning, reporter Christina Bobb told OAN that a HANDFUL of states may be coming out to Arizona for a tour of the first full forensic audit in history, starting with Georgia TODAY.

UPDATE on Arizona Audit: Georgia Team Is Coming Tomorrow – OAN Reporter Christina Bobb Says More States May Be Coming

TGP’s Jordan Conradson will be on the scene to provide coverage of this vital moment in Georgia’s election audit.

As the audit in Arizona was winding down for the night, just after midnight, forensic tables on one side were filled with staff and they were down to only FIVE MORE untouched pallets to count. Even more, additional forensic tables continue to be propped up and will continue to be staffed.

Yesterday was another successful day of auditing the 2020 election and it will continue today at 8 AM with a special appearance from another key state in this questionable election.

The One America News Network audit live stream, below, is running 24/7.


If the Dems and MCBOS are SO concerned about security and transparency, why don’t they encourage voters to act as citizen overwatch on this live stream?

Maybe because they would see how secure and transparent this process really is?