Australian Media Goes Berserk Over People Taking Selfies at Bondi Beach Amid New Lockdown Due to “Delta” Variant

The Australian media went into Covid fear porn overdrive because people were taking selfies at Bondi Beach despite a new lockdown due to the “Delta” variant.

The Australian city of Sydney just went into a two-week hard lockdown after more than 80 new cases of the “Delta” variant of Covid-19 were confirmed.

The new lockdown covers the entire city of Sydney and surrounding areas.

Police said they will use license plate recognition technology to monitor vehicles to make sure people aren’t leaving their lockdown zones.

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This is the first Covid lockdown in Sydney since December (it is currently winter in Australia).

Australians were out enjoying Bondi Beach and the media is outraged!

“Outrage is growing after shocking pictures taken in Sydney’s eastern suburbs showed large crowds gathered at Bondi Beach despite the city’s lockdown,” 9News Sydney tweeted.

9News Sydney hyperventilated over 18 new cases of Covid out of 58,870 tested in the Bondi Beach area.