Audit Counts Will NOT Be Released Today – Auditors TRIPLE Check Evidence – Coliseum to Be Cleared by Wednesday — OAN REPORT (VIDEO)

The Arizona Audit started to pack up tables and vacate the coliseum floor this weekend but it appears that the audit team is still performing quality control checks and thoroughly rechecking their evidence.

Senate leader Karen Fann and audit officials are expected to release a statement as early as this week.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Karen Fann would not be releasing a preliminary report on Monday but that does not look likely at this point.

Senator Karen Fann Tells Reporters She Will NOT Be Releasing Audit Counts on Monday

TRENDING: Senator Karen Fann Tells Reporters She Will NOT Be Releasing Audit Counts on Monday

OAN’s Christina Bobb delivered an amazing report Monday morning live from the coliseum.

The audit team continues to wrap up and prepare their evacuation from the coliseum by Wednesday. 

Volunteers Perform Quality Control Checks to Ensure Accuracy

Before leaving and returning the evidence, auditors are still performing quality control and a handful of extra checks to ensure their data is accurate.

Karen Fann insists that they are not in a rush to release any information.  The forensic audit is about accuracy. 

Volunteers are checking to ensure that the totals are correct with volunteer observers providing overwatch for each counter.

Ballots will be returned to the County in the same form they were received

As you can see, pallets of boxes have been moved to one side of the stadium and are organized in numerical order. The pallets have also been organized in the same fashion they were delivered, with the same boxes.

We did not receive a preliminary statement today on the accuracy of certified election results. The senate is currently occupied with hearings on the floor, attempting to pass election integrity bills and a conservative budget.

If the results showed an accurate election, they would likely make an announcement today.   The audit team appears to be reviewing their work until the very end to guarantee that they have concrete evidence in court. 

Christina said that it would be easy for them to deliver a report that says the election was accurate but not accurate is a harder statement. She does hope to see something from the Senate early this week.

Everything will be moved out by Wednesday.

The forensic analysis report is also expected to come out in early August. They will check to see if there were any fraudulent ballots cast, switching of votes, deleted databases.

Another pattern to watch out for is how many ballots were only filled in with a vote for president and no down-ballot races. If there were thousands of ballots with a vote for only President, that could indicate fraud.

Hopefully, early this week we will have a statement from the Arizona Senate. It looks like they are preparing to make history with this extensive forensic audit of the Maricopa County ballots.

Here is Christina Bobb from OAN earlier today.