Army Training Includes Graphic Novel Where CDC, Vaccines Emerge as Saviors in “Zombie Pandemic” .

Footage of US Army officers receiving “Zombie Pandemic” training has gone viral on socials, with many questioning what the US government could be up to.

In a TikTok uploaded two days ago now seen over a million times, an Army recruit films during a classroom lecture where the study material includes the CDC’s “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” graphic novel.

@brandonbutcher5 Cdc sayin somethin???😂🧟‍♂️🩸 #cdc #Army #biden #trump #wtf ♬ original sound – Brandon Butcher

“Cdc sayin something???” reads a video caption, followed by a cry face laughing emoji and hashtags including #biden, #trump and #wtf.

The comic book, which provides lessons on emergency preparedness, was created in 2011 and is evidently still being used as an Army training tool.

More on the comic’s origins via Wired, circa Oct. 2011:

LAST WEEK, JUST in time for NY Comic Con, the Centers for Disease Control went live with a graphic novel following up on their May blog post “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.” The head of the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response was on hand at NYCC this past weekend, where he handed out hardcopies of the comic and even spoke on the “Zombie Summit” panel.

In the story, readers follow Todd, Julie and their dog Max as they learn of a virus, take appropriate preparedness actions and fend off the attacking zombies. Readers will also learn about how the CDC worked feverishly on a vaccine to combat the virus. By the end of the story, the vaccines are distributed to Todd and Julie, who are hunkered down in a shelter. Stay tuned for a surprise at the end!

Aside from being decade-old government propaganda, there are eerie similarities between the story’s plot and happenings during the current manufactured Covid crisis.

In the story, the CDC is propped up as the savior of the pandemic as the comic’s protagonist Todd immediately consults their website on what to do.

Local news reporters instruct residents to quarantine inside their homes, with the CDC promising a vaccine is being developed to stop the pandemic.

“The CDC is working with local health departments on a vaccine. Until then…bunker down and don’t go outside unless you have to!” a fictional TV news report states.

Next, more counties issue emergency stay-at-home orders, as “area hospitals are being overrun.”

The comic cuts to CDC researchers discussing how the zombie virus “appears to be a highly mutated form of the flu” labeled “Z5N1,” with scientists rushing to develop an untested vaccine.

Meanwhile, Todd and his family head to a school gymnasium converted into a makeshift shelter accessible only with a blood test screening and guarded by the US military.

In the end, the CDC ships out newly-created experimental vaccines which are set to be distributed amongst the general population.

In the graphic novel, Todd eventually wakes up and realizes his zombie nightmare was just a dream; sadly real life has not given us the same luxury.

Perhaps the comic wasn’t only a lesson in emergency preparedness, but also a foreboding signal of what was to come.

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