Are You Ready For A Cookie Shortage This Holiday Season? 

Campbell Soup Co., the maker of Pepperidge Farm cookies, warned in an earnings call Wednesday that a cookie shortage could arrive this holiday season. 

Campbell’s CEO Mark Clouse said cookies under the Pepperidge Farms brand, such as Milano and Chessman, face “supply constraints” due to the virus pandemic forcing people to stay home, which in return has driven up demand. 

“This portfolio is unique with proprietary recipes, and therefore we do not outsource production,” Campbell told Bloomberg. “We’ve prioritized increasing supply and are already leveraging capacity opportunities across the network to meet increases in demand and maximize availability.”

Supply constraints are hitting during the holiday season where cookie demand tends to surge. 

Pepperidge Farm cookie demand rose 8.7% in the 13 weeks ending on Nov. 1, Campbell said. The company called cookie consumption this year, “sustained and very strong.”

Data compiled by Top Data shows cookie consumption by Americans soared 25% since the start of the virus pandemic, with one in five Americans eating at least three or more cookies per day. 

Source: Bloomberg

As we’ve previously noted, food shortages have been happening all year as the food supply chain remains stressed.